The Final Taboo

If death really is considered to be the very final taboo, it may not be for that much longer. There has, in recent decades, been an ever increasing effort to actually promote real conversations about the topic of death and dying, both inside of the home as well as in more public and social settings. One example is death cafes which actually first launched in Switzerland in back 2004, have now spread around the world. This gives people a way to speak about their fears of death and dying over cake and coffee. Should I be making sure my life insurance is in force?

Our typical reluctance to converse about death is typically taken as evidence that we are indeed scared, and therefore we do suppress out thoughts regarding it. But, there is very little direct evidence to really support this. So how much is considered to be a normal amount of death anxiety? That’s like questioning how much is cheap car insurance in Virginia or cheap car insurance in Alabama?

Experimentation With Dying

Judging by some of the studies utilizing questionnaires, we seem to be a lot more bothered by the idea of losing our beloved ones than we actually do about the thoughts of dying ourselves. These studies additionally reveal that we actually worry more when it comes to the dying process and the pain as well as the loneliness that is involved. When we are questioned if we are actually afraid to pass, most of us will deny that we are, and actually report only very low levels of real anxiety. The minority who do report higher levels of anxiety are even thought to be psychologically abnormal.

Our tendency to merely report these lower levels of dying anxiety may be a result of our reluctance to really get in touch with and admit our fear. Based on this idea, social psychologists have indeed, for nearly 30 years now, examined the social as well as the psychological impacts of being confronted with our own demise. In over 200 of these experiments, individuals have indeed been told to imagine their deaths.

What’s worse: the death of a loved one or facing our own death or finding that is affordable California home insurance that you’ve been missing out on? 

The initial study of its kind was actually conducted on U.S. court judges, who were requested to set their bond for an alleged prostitute in a truly hypothetical scene. On average, these judges who were then confronted with their mortality beforehand actually did set a much greater bail than those who were not actually confronted, to the tune of  $455 versus $50. Since that study, many other effects have been realized among groups that include the population in other countries.


On the other hand, these regular studies have additionally found out that pondering death actually pushes us towards religion in subtle, perhaps even unconscious ways. And then when this reminder of dying is powerful enough and when participants are not really mindful of prior political commitments, studies have shown that liberals as well as conservatives, will tend to indeed endorse conservative ideas as well as candidates. Some researchers do claim that this could indeed explain the U.S. political shift that occurred to the right after we experienced 9/11.




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